Elogio de la guitarra

Elogio de la guitarra.
Guitar Works by Joaquín Rodrigo.
Label “Ópera Tres”
CD 1027-ope
Recorded in Morbach (Germany) in 1997.
Guitar: Alejandro, 1996

- “Marco Socías is not a usual musician: rarely have I heard Rodrigo’s works in such way where, instead of harshness we find kindness, and the regular vulgarity is transformed in unsurpassed beauty. (…) Unsurpassed technique and exemplary melodic direction.” Ritmo.

- “… as a performer, he approaches every single piece with a gesture of supreme musical consciousness. (…) Marco Socías creates the aesthetical message typical of a real artist”. Scherzo.


Sonata Giocosa. Third movement. Allegro3'04"
Elogio de la guitarra. First movement.Allegro5'04"