Música para guitarra

Música para guitarra
Pieces by Emilio Pujol, Miguel Llobet and Federico Mompou.
Label “Ópera Tres”
CD 1015-ope
Recorded at the evangelic church in Honrath (Germany) in 1993.
Guitars: Alejandro (1993) y Paco Santiago Marín (1988).

- “Elegance, phrasing, colors, nuances, temperament. Socías is all that himself, who is giving a lesson to other contemporary famous guitarists.” Diverdi.

- “Yet he sounds his own man, playing with an air of spontaneity, perfect accuracy and observance of all the musical values. This is the epitome of classical playing (…). Polished phrasing, purity of tone, supreme balance and effortless command of the fingerboard. (…) In a pianist, such playing, highly idiomatic yet always remaining within the musical framework of the piece would be rated very highly; in a guitarist it can be only called superlative”. Classical Guitar.


Emilio Pujol:
Guajira (from “Tres Piezas Españolas”)5'09"
Miguel Llobet:El mestre (from “Canciones Populares Catalanas")3'21"